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These guided meditations are designed to support wise and loving care (for self, others and world).

For science-based wellness strategies, checkout the Wellness Flower!


Tip: Download and print the Wellness Flower and post it on your fridge. 

Each week choose one Wellness Skill and take 1-3 small actions that help you practise this skill.


NEW! Sunday afternoons Yoga Nidra with Nickolas Yu 

Meditation by the sea

"Close your eyes
fall in love
stay there"


Anchor 1
Gratitude meditation (5mins) For Someone & 5 Things
00:00 / 05:44
Gratitude meditation (10mins) Someone, 5 Things, TFG, Self, Neutral
00:00 / 10:13
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Please contact Nickolas Yu ( for information about:

1) ONFIRE (supporting Children in families affected by mental illness) 
2) Meditating Mums - supporting mums affected by stress
3) Supporting Carers
4) Supporting Health workers
5) Supporting Teachers



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